Lovebridge is an apolitical and secular civil society organisation, which plays an active role (alongside the government, the private sector, NGOs and society at large) in the fight against poverty in Mauritius.


Lovebridge is on the field since 2012. We specialise in the structured psychosocial accompaniment of vulnerable families and families living in poverty. The Lovebridge team is made up of social workers, psychologists & counsellors, field support assistants and a support team.   


We currently support families with secondary school children in the Fortified Learning Environment Extended Programme. These children are among the lowest academic achievers at the Primary School Achievement Certificate (PSAC) and our aim is to help build a more conducive learning environment at home for the academic progress and holistic development of the children and of their siblings.


Lovebridge provides support to 400 families (1500 individuals including 900 children) across more than 100 localities.


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