17 fév

Priscilla, human of Lovebridge

"I’ve been living here since I got married, when I was 18. I was pregnant, and here there was space for me. I gave birth to Rodney and Celia, they’re seven and five years old. Then, my husband left me for another woman, had a baby with her. He takes care of them. I stay here, with my mother-in-law. She is OK with me staying, as long as I don’t divorce my husband or have another relationship. So I’m 27, and I’m here. I’m diabetic, and I’ve got high blood pressure problems. At the hospital they told me to lose weight, to eat vegetables and to exercise. But vegetables are expensive and you have to pay to exercise, too. Before, I used to do Zumba, I had friends and we all laughed a lot together. Now I’m too fat, it hurts everywhere, I have difficulties walking. I have to work to get food, and as I am not divorced, there are benefits I can’t claim. I earn Rs 3,500 per month, and have to pay back a loan my husband took on my name. When you don’t know how to read and write, no-one pays you, and at school I’m ashamed to tell the teachers. So for me, it’s complicated to know whether my children are doing their work, and I can’t help them. I hope they will have a better life than I have had. I’m already old."

(For reasons of confidentiality, we have changed the names.)

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