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Our caring relationship draws the attention of the media

The caring relationship among Mauritians: humble, simple and humane. That is what prompted several press organisations in Mauritius to write about Lovebridge.

« Hymn to love », « Social bridge ». The Mauritian media are showing great interest in the experience based on human sharing, which constitutes the novel and particular approach adopted by Lovebridge to draw Mauritian families out of extreme poverty.

Several Mauritian print media, namely Essentielle, l’Express, Le Défi, Koze, have shown their interest in those personal stories where the beneficiaries have been able to develop life projects with the support of their  Lovebridge sidekicks and social workers.

Journalists collected the testimonies of Mélanie, Julien, Helena, Chanda, Afez, Janny, Curtis, who shared their experiences as beneficiaries of Lovebridge. We get to learn about the cold reality of poverty and the ensuing misery. They relate their very first moments with their accompaniers, the shyness of those first encounters and the way they gradually got use to sharing their experiences and their projects. All of them are now proud to show off what they have achieved through Lovebridge: children attending school, buying a house, getting a job. 

They also acknowledge the crucial role played by their accompaniers and the social workers. Similarly, the accompaniers relate their experience of going out and meeting others, which has not always been easy. To finally come to understand that it is through giving that we receive.

The magazine Essentielle has chosen to put in the limelight two women who have been working behind the scenes at Lovebridge : Marie Michèle Etienne, the ambassador, and Alexandra Schaub, the Chief Serving Officer. According to Marie Michèle, Lovebridge is the « concretisation of her expectations » in social work, while Alexandra speaks of her role as a commitment « which gives meaning to her  action ».

The history behind the establishment of Lovebridge has also been related. The media mention the dynamic role played by Harold Mayer and the beginnings of Lovebridge in partnership with the Curepipe Starlight Club at La Brasserie. It then gathered more momentum and is finally taken over by Business Mauritius to acquire a national dimension. 

Lovebridge in the media: human stories that become intermingled to create a nationwide dynamic. 

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