The Lovebridge method consists in developing and reinforcing the 6 fundamental interconnected pillars which are Education, Housing, Health, Employment/ Employability, Food & Nutrition, and MASO (Motivation, positive Attitude, Skills and Courage) the central pillar and engine of the empowerment process.


A multidisciplinary team of fieldworkers, psychologists and a coordinating team provides support to the beneficiary families. The teams spend on average 8 to 10 hours per month with each beneficiary family.


The strategies and actions plans devised by the Lovebridge team, with the input of the beneficiary family, aim at helping the families progress on each pillar and towards empowerment. During the weekly visits, the fieldworkers follow-up the progress of the families, adapt the actions plans, provide a psychosocial support, accompany the families for their formalities, medical follow up, their job search, housing projects, educational follow up and the coordination with other NGOs, specialized services and stakeholders.


The annual evaluation process makes it possible to determine the percentage of families progressing on the 6 pillars and towards empowerment.

Areas of intervention

  • Adopt a
    responsible attitude.
    Adopt a responsible

  • Look after the health
    of one’s family. 

  • Equip one’s children with
    sound and lasting knowledge.

  • Have access to a house,
    build one’s security. 

  • Look for a job,
    get trained. 

  • Manage a food budget,
    adopt healthy eating habits.