04 sep

Lovebridge has reconciled me with my life

Community Centre, Cité la Cure on July afternoon_ there is a party feeling in the air : cake, flowers, laughter… Stéphanie is celebrating her empowerment with the Lovebridge team after more than three years of accompaniment. If she is deeply afternoon on that day, it has not always been the case. « Before my life was very difficult, especially regarding the children and their education- they were disobedient and did not work well as school. I could not understand myself or my life anymore. » A life of hardships with a sick husband. She has then followed an Empowerment training at the National Empowerment Foundation (NEF), which has been really helpful and right afterwards she has integrated Lovebridge. She has then been accompanied by the Lovebridge team working in Cité la Cure and Claude May, her accompagnatrice.

« With Lovebridge I can talk, I was timid. Now I don’t feel alone anymore. Before that I felt like a slave with the family issues- now I feel free…with the support of Lovebridge. 

Lovebridge has brought an exceptional support, a friendship I did not know could exist between people who did not know each other, between Claude May and us- I thank all those who have helped me progress. »

After the empowerment ceremony, she politely refuses a car lift to get back to her place. She walks through Cité la Cure to get back to her place, her flower bouquet in her hands like for everyone to see that she has succeeded in being empowered. At that moment I thought that I have seen stars in her eyes… !!!

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