Making a one-off donation


Families supported by Lovebridge work on long term strategies and actions plans until their empowerment. However, they need immediate help for some of their projects and emergencies related to the 6 fundamental pillars on which Lovebridge intervenes.

Providing them with this support on the short term helps them focus on their long-term advancement projects.


Financial support can be provided in the following ways:

  • A one-time donation through an online donation by completing the following form
  • By supporting one of our projects. In this case, thank you for sending us an email to mentioning how you would like to support one of our projects and we shall revert back to you.

    Educational Support to children beneficiaries
    A Lovebridge nous croyons fermement que l’éducation est la clé pour briser le cycle de la pauvreté. L’équipe suit de près le progress scolaire des enfants et un programme de soutien scolaire a été mis en place avec l’aide de volontaires.

    Housing project
    The aim is to help families live in decent and secure housing conditions through urgent repairs and renovations. The main repairs and renovations include mainly but are not limited to:
  • Construction of additional rooms
  • Separation of rooms, so that adults and children have separated sleeping areas
  • Roofing, painting and flooring
  • Assistance for the connection/ reconnection to essential basic services (CWA, CEB, WWA)
  • Provision of administrative support for the obtention of social housing units

By leaving Lovebridge a legacy. In this case, thank you for sending us an email to and we shall revert back to you.

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