28 mai

Empowerment of Shakun family

The smile of Shenaz Shakun is contagious. Everyone present can feel her happiness and pride in being one of Lovebridge’s empowered beneficiaries. The support of the Lovebridge team and that of her accompagnatrice has been life changing for her.


Shenaz migrated from India to be with her Mauritian husband. But things did not turn out well, and she found herself alone to raise 4 kids while working as a part time maid. Funds were insufficient, the children encountered difficulties at school and she felt overwhelmed by all these challenges.


With the Lovebridge team, the children got support in their education, she obtained full time employment, and her already positive MASCO was reinforced.


Shenaz Shakun now feels empowered and able to provide a secure and stable living environment to her family after having benefitted from the support of the Lovebridge team for more than two years.

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