28 mai

Empowerment of Dayal family

Integrated in 2017, the Dayal family residing in Residence Barkly, is living one of the most memorable moments of their accompaniment in Lovebridge: their empowerment. The whole family is present, as well as Annabelle and Stéphanie, the Lovebridge team which has provided them support since their integration in the project.


When the family integrated Lovebridge, the father was the only breadwinner. His precarious employment did not bring enough revenue, the bills were piling up and the family had to face daily hardships.


Sarah-Jane, the mother, has a strong MASCO which has been reinforced with the support of the team, ‘Lovebridge ine aide moi pou debrouille par mo meme…azordi mo bien fier’. She has found stable employment; her eldest daughter has obtained excellent results for her PSAC exams and has been admitted at the BPS College in Beau-Bassin.


The mother of 3 has other plans. She is taking driving courses and is investing time and effort in her children’s education.  

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