The sidekick: He freely gives his time. He has a strong and durable relationship with the family. No financial support is to be expected. If the family is experiencing financial problems, he will call upon Lovebridge for funds.

The booster sidekick: He gives freely of his time. He has a strong and durable relationship with the family. If necessary, he can make a monthly financial contribution not exceeding Rs 2000.

The champion sidekick: He gives freely of his time. He has a strong and durable relationship with the family. He will provide any appropriate financial assistance.

The financial sidekick: He has no relationship with the family, but continues to provide financial support to the other accompaniers for their intervention. 

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  • Corine accompagnatrice

    Corine & Harold, sidekick

    « By sharing our concerns with them, we meet at the deeper of our common humanity. Our human condition. We are all alike »

  • Stéphanie, sidekick

    « We have learnt that we must take them as they are. We cannot change their life overnight. We may be able to do it over time, just as we may not succeed. We have to take our time, and not rush. »

  • Estelle coordinatrice du projet Love Bridge

    Estelle, Coordinator of Love Bridge project 2014 to 2015

    « When they knew that they were being accompanied, that they were not alone with their difficulties, with their differences, we could see hope emerging. Lovebridge made it possible for them to dream, to look forward to the future. In fact, we can make it  »

  • Les accompagneurs Rubee et Sada

    Rubee et Sada, sidekicks

    « We were attracted by the words sponsor and accompany. When the Lovebridge project started, the word bridge clicked. That gave us the opportunity to learn to help others. We draw lessons from this family, from these people. We learn to support others »

  • Accompagnatrice Odile

    Odile, sidekick

    « Accompanying two families : it’s reciprocal. We accompany them because they are experiencing difficulties. They accompany us in everything that we undertake. They are by our side. It’s no longer accompaniment now. It’s brotherhood »

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To accompany means to listen, to support, to encourage, to congratulate.

To accompany a family means to bring to them the love that will keep them uplifted in their efforts.

We call those who choose to accompany families ‘sidekicks’. A sidekick is a superhero’s assistant partner: he or she boosts the superhero’s performance, provides advice in difficult moments. All in all, the sidekick enables the superhero to do his incredible work. 

Accompaniment – or sidekicking! - is above a form of self-giving, of sharing. For this sharing to be effective, it should occur on a regular basis. To accompany means to devote a couple of hours of one’s time per month. Since time is required if we want to achieve a life project, accompaniment needs to extend in time as well.
In this mutually enriching relationship, sidekicks and families enjoy the support of the social workers of Lovebridge within the intervention units.


All Mauritians, regardless of their financial means, are invited to become volunteers to accompany a vulnerable family. What is really important is that the coach builds a long-term relationship with a beneficiary family and monitors it regularly, adopting an attitude which involves listening, empathy and encouragement.

However, financial support is most welcome when the volunteers can afford to provide it. Several proposals have been developed in this respect.


One has to learn how to accompany your superhero family. Lovebridge provides easy-to-follow instructions to future sidekicks, so that the relationship is built on a sound and lasting foundations.

Lovebridge is also available at any time to answer questions from sidekicks and to assist in complicated situations.

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