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A Place to call Home

Housing is one of the six pillars on which Lovebridge focuses in its empowerment process. Living in precarious conditions reinforce the feelings of exclusion, solitude and self-stigmatisation. How can one feel empowered, when the walls which are supposed to protect one’s family are falling apart? Everyone has the right to a decent place to live which one can call Home. But this is not the case for many Mauritian families.

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The Lovebridge pilot project was born in 2012, created within a sports association. In 2015, Lovebridge went national: the Mauritian government chose the organisation as its NGO of choice to empower citizens in order to overcome extreme poverty. Affiliated to Business Mauritius - the organisation which represents the private sector - Lovebridge aims to create bridges of love between vulnerable families and volunteer sidekicks, with the support of social workers on the field. 46 families have been accompanied in three years - and we've achieved excellent results in that time, with respect to the families that have been integrated within the Lovebridge framework. In three years, some have even reached full empowerment! The Lovebridge method is based on the specific workings of a unit (a unit = a family) and is structured around six pillars: education, housing, employment, health, nutrition, and attitude.

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Our Results

  • 40%

    families are in Progress

  • 99%

    families are satisfied having joined the project

  • 90%

    families find that their ability to be autonomous has increased

  • 22%

    families are empowered over 3 years of accompaniment by Lovebridge

  • 416

    children schooled

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